Corporate Philosophy

Jörg Becker - Managing Director

Jörg Becker – Managing Director


s a family-owned business in its third generation we are fully aware of the morale, social and labor law-related responsibilities.

We connect classic benefits of an owner-operated company like long-term thinking, short decision-making and personal commitment with professional processes, transparency and an employee-oriented corporate culture with safe and healthy working conditions as well as adequate remunerations.

Absolute precision in every area – that is our aspiration.

Clarification in the bidding phase, ultimate precision during the manufacturing of operating supplies and products as well as the reproducibility of relevant production processes are the main characteristics of the type of service we provide.

A precise, honest and reliable message to our customers, suppliers, the representation of employee-interests and every single employee made us to what we are right now: A trustworthy and competent partner of world-wide operating companies and one of the most attractive employers of our region.